‘Objets, mes amis’ exhibition at artmonte-carlo



We are pleased to announce that ‘chip on the shoulder‘ (1999) and ‘no rest for the rust‘ (2006) were personally selected by Martine Bedin from ammann//gallery‘s collection to form part of her ‘Objets, mes amis‘ (Objects, my friends) exhibition on view at the Grimaldi Forum during artmonte-carlo, salon d’art from the 29th-30th April 2017.


“‘Objects, my friends’ is an exhibition of furniture and objects made with care, objects produced in small quantity, boldly escaping from fashion and market laws, and loaded with a great poetry. Created by architects, designers or artists, all attached to beauty. Those objects ask the question of their status: Art objects? Everyday objects? Both?” Martine Bedin


Rolf Sachs creates ‘red run’ for Selfridges ‘Re Work-It’ chair installation to raise money for The Art Room charity


Fair & co has collaborated with the ‘Art Room’  and invited Artists, designers & architects to transform the classic Ernest Race BA2 chair – creating variations for an installation cascading from the atrium ceiling in Selfridges.

In typical Rolf Sachs fashion, ‘red run’ takes two familiar objects and injects then with warmth, humour and energy. Reminiscent of childhood, the piece merges the iconic Ernest Race BA2 chair with a sledge to create a witty, surreal and truly memorable object.

Rolf Sachs quote:

“This was a great opportunity for me to create a piece that conjured up the spirit of childhood; one of excitement, fun and, of course, humour.”


For further info go to artroom or afternyne.

Fortis Watches launches the Rolf Sachs ‘2π’ limited edition watch at Baselworld

The FORTIS 2π watch is the fourth collaboration between designer, Rolf Sachs, and Swiss watchmaker FORTIS.

Rolf Sachs_Fortis_2Pi_1

Mathematically inspired and using the designer’s own handwriting to form equations and formulas, this watch is a playful, visual interpretation of our desire to manage that most uncontrollable aspect of our lives: time itself.

The 2π watch face shows a puzzle of mathematical workings-out, presented in Sachs’ distinctive style, which merges personality, character and chaos with a scientific aesthetic. 

Rolf Sachs comments: “2π is a mathematical constant, seen everywhere in our everyday lives. It exists and brings order to the simplest and most natural of objects, from the shape of our eyes to the ripples of a splashing raindrop. Time, on the other hand, like human existence, is fluid and chaotic and ultimately, uncontrollable. It is that duality and tension between science and creativity that I wanted to explore here – something I find particularly fascinating.”

Available as a limited edition of 150 pieces worldwide through approved FORTIS stockists.

Galerie Andrea Caratsch presents ‘Camera in Motion: From Chur to Tirano’

 ‘Camera in Motion:From Chur to Tirano’ has opened at Galerie Andrea Caratsch, an exhibition in collaboration with von Bartha, showing the largest collection of prints so far.

Photographed over the course of an entire year, to form an extensive and breathtaking collection of photographs that blur the boundaries between abstract art and landscape photography, ‘Camera in Motion – From Chur to Tirano’, supported by Leica Camera, explores the landscape along the World Heritage Rhaetian Albula/Bernina Railway line, taking photographs from a moving train.

Galerie Andrea Caratsch, Via Serlas 12, CH-7500 St. Moritz
Monday 1st of December 2014 – April 2015
MON-SAT 2-7pm and by appointment

An intimate exhibition at Nymphenburg Porzellan Manufaktur presenting ‘Die/Das Maß’

Rolf Sachs_nymphenburg_pic01 Rolf Sachs_nymphenburg_pic02

Nymphenburg Porzellan Manufaktur are presenting ‘Die/das Maß’, which was specially designed by Rolf and hand-crafted by Nymphenburg for his ‘typisch deutsch?’ exhibition. The work celebrates the brewing traditions in Germany, while drawing attention to this unnoticed, yet familiar object. The use of white biscuit porcelain belies its traditional function and calls for the viewer to respond to its pure form, free of practical purpose.

The work forms part of Nymphenburg’s “Edition” collection and is available to purchase in the Nymphenburg shop in Munich or online.

Rolf Sachs_nymphenburg_Rolf

For the exhibition, Rolf also created a number of new, small-scale witty and surreal objects, that are intended to demonstrate his typical conceptual approach of finding beauty in the simplicity of everyday objects by adding elements of wit and humour to their purity and utilitarian form.

‘Bodenständig’ on show at the Guggenheim Museum during Architecture Biennale in Venice

Bodenständig in For your Eyes Only exhibition_Guggenheim Museum, Venice

Pur work  ‘bodenständig’ is on show at the ‘For your Eyes Only – A Private Collection, from Mannerism to Surrealism’ where a selection of approximately 120 works from the private collection of Richard and Ulla Dreyfus are on show, presenting works that range from the Middle Ages to present day by artists such as Francesco Clemente, Salvador Dalí, Max Ernst, René Magritte, Man Ray, Not Vital and Andy Warhol, among many others.

Rolf Sachs showing at Collective 2 Design Fair, New York with ammann//gallery

Rolf Sachs_Collective 2 Design Fair New York_ammanngallery[1]

Rolf will be exhibiting two of his classic ‘Koln’ chair designs with ammann//gallery in New York for the Design Collective 2 Design Fair in New York from the 8th-11th May 2014.

The ‘koln-doppelstuhl’ and the ‘koln-holzstuhl mit spion’ (chair with spyhole), form part of Sachs’ renowned ‘koln collection’ where he takes the classic ‘horgenglarus’ chair, a purely functional piece of furniture, and turns it in to a work with emotional resonance. Through constant reinterpretation, the chair has become a signature piece and an ideal blank canvas for Sachs’ ongoing experimentations with its form, using materials as diverse as silicone, slate, flexible rubber and resin. The chairs in the collection transcend their original purpose, each taking on a new personality that goes beyond pure functionality.

Booth C5 – ammann//gallery

8th-11th May 2014

Preview: 7th May 2014

Collective 2 Design Fair, Skylight at Moynihan Station, New York



Camera in MOTION Selected Works at Ammann Gallery April – June 2014

Internationally renowned ammann // gallery presents Camera in MOTION Selected Works

Photographed over the course of an entire year, to form an extensive and breathtaking collection of photographs that blur the boundaries between abstract art and landscape photography, ‘Camera in Motion – From Chur to Tirano’, supported by Leica Camera, explores the landscape along the World Heritage Rhaetian Albula/Bernina Railway line, taking photographs from a moving train.

The project charts this spectacular journey, using the Leica S camera to capture the transient impressions of the landscape; the motion of trees rushing past and passengers waiting at stations. It challenges the viewer to experience this journey in an unexpected way and documents the changing seasons and light in a unique combination of abstraction and photo-realism. Sachs said of the project: “Having grown up and gone to school in the Engadin valley, I regularly travelled on the Albula/Bernina Railway line and developed a great appreciation for the natural beauty and diversity of the surrounding Alpine landscape. The scenery continuously surprises me as I discover new details with every journey. I wanted to experiment with combining the motion of the train with these remarkable views. The photographic results are intriguing and have gone beyond our expectations, as the camera manages to capture images that the human eye could not begin to perceive”.

ammann // gallery, Teutoburger Str. 27, Cologne, d-50678, Germany

Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 9 April to Thursday 26 June 2014, 11am-6pm